3rd - 4th Grade Classroom - Mrs. Johnston

Welcome to our intermediate elementary classroom. 

We are all looking forward to a few days rest during our spring break. The kids have been working very hard and have earned a little R&R.

In Math, our class has just begun a unit on collecting, recording, and interpreting data. This week they have been using surveys to gather data via tally marks, then recording that information onto pictographs. Thursday morning snack was colored cereal rings which they had to sort and record on a blank tally chart, then transfer their findings to a blank pictograph. Students are responsible for creating titles, labels and keys for their charts and graphs, in addition to recording data. That is a lot to remember, but they are doing it! We have also been practicing with the "make a list" strategy to determine how many possible outcomes are available based on a variety of options.

We have been studying Native American tribes and their regions all year. We are comparing and contrasting the tribes and have come to the conclusion that geography and climate play a big role in determining clothing, food, and shelter for each region. We have incorporated this into our writing, and are putting together written documentation of our findings to include in the pocket notebook each student is making. We will begin research projects for writing upon returning from spring break.