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Move Rodney Rat to catch falling shapes, words, or parts of speech based on your grade level 
Filled with hundreds of activities for letter learning, spelling, reading, and more 
Fun interactive stories for younger K-1 students 
Good phonics practice for K-2 students 
A phonics tutorial with sound and cartoons for all ages 
Phonics Games, Reading Games & Word Games. 
A variety of educational games for K12 students 
Vocabulary website with flash online word games 
Use your knowledge of letters, sounds, and words 
Students can practice spelling and vocabulary word lists using free educational games. 
Hundreds of fun educational games and activities for kids to play online 
Check out these fun writing games for kids. 
Offers a wide variety of online educational games and activities for kids 
Find entertaining activities and games that teach spelling, math, and grammar 
Help students improve their math skills interactively 
Math challenges for families. 
Great selection of fun online math games, for Pre-K to 7th Grade students 
Differentiated reading instruction with hundreds of animated leveled books. Login is GNSD. 
Match beginning, middle, and ending sounds; also long and short vowels 
Games for K-5 students; alphabet matching, parts of speech, rhyming 
ABC YA free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students 
Bedtime Math makes the nightly math problem as common as the bedtime story 
Homeless Education Help Line 
Showing 24 items